Monday is never really acknowledged. For ages, it has always been about the gloominess and melancholy of the day. I realize that the day just after the holiday can be kinda uninteresting. But, after all, it is just a day, and maybe not just a day.

It can be a start to a great week and plenty of new tackles. And basically what happens is, when you love what you do, any day is never really mundane. They say it’s all in your head. Anyways, since we are humans, after all, all we can do is try to eliminate the blues of the day.

Here are a few Monday motivational quotes that can ease you out a bit. See if you can try to adapt them to your lives.

Wake up happy.

wake up

The first and foremost thing is to wake up happy. Furthermore, it means that you are ready for your Monday. See what happens is when you are not prepared, everything comes as a shock. So basically, when you prepare yourself, anything can be dealt with. No matter what you feel, always have a cheerfulness to start your day. It all starts with a smile.

Make notes.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. They say when you plan, you are fifty percent there. The rest comes afterward. Now, for Monday, plan your work for the day and work your plan.

That’s it! Make notes and try to keep the day as energized as it can get. Moreover, when you make notes, you are already set for your day.

Get some exercise.


Always get up and get some fresh air for yourself. Go for a run and some sweat out. I bet you all know how good it feels. And if just in case you do not know, you have to try it out. It’s something else, like meditation.

Getting in touch with nature is just so refreshing, it literally makes your day worthwhile. Also, going for a walk in the early morning makes you healthy which in turn keeps you positive. They say, a healthy mind lies in a healthy body. And a healthy mind is always an enthusiast.

Get ready rightly.

get ready

No matter how you feel, always get up, dress up and show up. This is the key. When you are ready to work, you are automatically halfway there to eliminate your Monday blues. So always make sure to dress up properly. And when you dress well, you automatically feel good.

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Have a positive mindset.



When you are happy from the inside, everything looks and feels good. It’s all in your head you see. The zill to see the beauty in everything is a rare thing. If you instill that positivity in yourself, you have gained a lot in life. Moreover, a positive mindset keeps you happy from within and that capability will keep you going.

Eat well.


A hungry tummy will literally get you nowhere. Additionally, an unhealthy diet will not take you far. So, always make sure to eat properly. A well-balanced diet will keep you energized. When your body is fully charged when you are ready to rock your day.

However, by this, I do not mean that you should never eat your favorite cheat meal. One should always eat whatever they want. However, control the limits of your intake. I mean who doesn’t like pizzas and fries! And they say Pizzas make you happy like nothing else 🙂

Sleep well.

Get enough rest at night. Make sure your mind is fresh and your bed is comfortable. What happens is in the day there is a lot of struggle and our body takes it all, now what is required is a good night’s sleep for the cells to regenerate.


When you do not get a night of proper healthy sleep, your mind cannot function rightly. You are always tired and you can get frustrated with every little thing. Moreover, your health deteriorates. For a Monday to be a good one, get a good night’s sleep the day before. When you wake up fresh, it’s already a good day.

Your weekdays are drastically different from your weekends.



Is it always the case that you enjoy abundantly in your weekend and get so hanged up till Monday? Additionally, you have your work piled up and you just cannot be in charge of your responsibilities.

Well, when the work-life and personal life do not go hand in hand, you get stuck in a vicious circle. Always make sure that you have a balanced personal and professional lifestyle. Make sure to be in charge of your actions.

Apart from these, there are several other serious reasons that could affect the way you see your Monday. I am going to state a few major reasons and will try to curtail them.

Number one reason being,

You are not happy with yourself.


One of the most important reasons that you just cannot see the good is that you are plainly not happy with yourself. They say nobody can make you happy until you are happy with yourself. See, being happy with yourself does not necessarily mean that you have everything required to ensure that your life is perfect.

It just means that you have decided to see beyond your weak spots. Now, this is utterly not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you practice loving yourself the way you are, everything will fall into place.


If you are just not happy with yourself, you do not feel good and it clearly shows in your activities. You see everyone else being happy but yourself. How are you supposed to like the boring Monday when you despise yourself.

You consistently compare yourself to others.

“Every minute you spend wishing you had someone’s life is a minute wasting yours.”



Everyone is unique. Each one has its own strength and weakness. When the tiniest of the thing, the fingerprint of any two humans does not match, how can we even expect ourselves to be the same as the other?  Each one is peculiarly made.

When you compare your skin, or your job, or the money you make to someone better, you will always be unhappy. You see, someone will always have more. A better skin, a better height, a better house, a higher paying job, a richer household, and everything else. So what? I believe that you will always have enough of what you require to live your life. And if you wish to have more, you work for it.

What we always see is the final result of successful people. What we fail to see is the effort, the sleepless nights, and the pain behind those developments. When you understand that we have in us what we want for ourselves and that we have to polish our skills to get there, it will be easy for you.

Mere comparing will always spoil your Monday. You are so busy contemplating that you just don’t want to work or focus on yourself. Everyone else progresses in life and you are just busy watching them.

You hate your job.

hate job

You will literally hate everything if do not like what you are doing. Your job is the area where you spend the maximum of your time. If you do not like what you are doing, you are automatically unahppy. You are not motivated, not keen to work or I wouldn’t be sad to say that you are wasting your time. Furthermore, the work will be affected as well.

When one doesn’t work properly a lot of things get stirred. For example the quality of work and time management. And that thing will further torture you. You just do not wish to go to work. Clearly, you hate your Monday.

You just cannot balance your work-life ad your personal life.

work life

Balancing is just not your cup of you. Your life is a clear mess. Your personal and professional life is just the same. A few of the examples could be that, You bring your work home,

There is no rest, You work in your holidays, there is no way you can go and party, etc. Neither is there a successful profession nor is there a content personal life. What just happens is a sad Monday.

Now, where there is a problem, there is always a solution. We have our solutions too. Here are a few answers on how to deal with your Monday blues.

Love and accept yourself to accept your Monday.

love yourself

This is the most important thing. Love and respect yourself the most in life. There is literally no one like you. And the only person who will be with you till the end is yourself. Make sure to be with the best person ever. Never compare yourself with anybody.

Nobody can do you better than you. You have your own set of skills and it is up to you to decide how to use those skills. There is no point in looking at someone and feeling somewhat less. Never standardize anyone. Be the best version of yourself and know that you can do wonders.

Take care of your skin, eat well, exercise, read books, look good, deliver the best of your knowledge and skills and be the best you can be. And just see how there is no comparison between the moon and the stars. Each shine at their won time. The stars aren’t jealous of the moon you see.


Another thing is to accept yourself. Until and unless you acknowledge yourself, there is always a problem. You might not have the best skin or the best height of anything else, but if you don’t consider it a problem, it will never be a problem.

Whenever you feel a little insufficient, just look into the mirror and say, I have everything I require to be me. I do not need anything else. And if I do, I am ready to work for it. Change the perception about yourself and just watch how your life changes. And well, the way you see your Monday will also change.

Be kind to yourself.

Just know that you are trying out everything you can for yourself. Now all you have to do is be generous to yourself. Get rest when you need to. Go on a vacation. Spend money on yourself. Pamper yourself.


Today, there is always a rush to reach somewhere. People are always working and are always in a hurry. In such a time we have to take our utmost care. The gift of life is short and therefore you should do everything you wish for yourself. Live the best life.

Balance your work life and your personal life.

personal life

The key to a happy life is balance. The balance between important things in life. This includes family, love, career, and yourself. If you fail to harmonize them your life becomes extremely difficult to cope up with.

The work-life should be limited to the office premises. Furthermore, you should take out your time for your family, your love and yourself too. Go out with your friends. Have a great weekend. Do the things you love with the people you love.


Take your life easy. You are not in a competition. You are here to live the beautiful gift of life. Make it worthwhile.

Rethink your job if you hate your every Monday.


If you think your job is the problem, then just know that there are plenty of other things you can do to earn yourself a living. And mind you, a good living! Work is just a part of life. Do not complicate your life by considering everything. Work should be such that you become excited to do it.

There should be a zill to perform and an inside encouragement to better yourself. If you work just to pay your bills, I cannot imagine how hectic it must be. When you work your passion, money flows and also you are always motivated to do more. Therefore, make sure that you do what you love. Choose your career accordingly.

Now the most important thing,

Identify your problem.


When you know your problem, you can look for the solution. Now, when you don’t even know the problem, what are you supposed to look for! Problems come with a solution. The confusion comes with no solution. So make sure to study yourself and learn what your issue is.

Then, have the will and the patience to solve the same. When you are positive about changing yourself, the rest follows. You are already halfway there when you recognize your problem.

I wish you all a great Monday. Take it easy as it is.

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