“CLOTHES AREN’T GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD, THE WOMEN WHO WEAR THEM WILL.” -ANNE KLEIN. This is all about fashion, then in the ’80s, now and forever.

Currently, in terms of fashion, the trend has been this way, “Less is more.” So basically, minimal clothes are the newest wrinkle. However, back in the ’80s, things were a bit different. Big shoulders, bright colors, and a whole lot of experiments.

Here we are going to discuss the ’80s fashion. And you can add a tad bit to your wardrobe.

coats, pants, and middies.


The dark loose coats and similar pants for the male. And, the relaxed coats with the middies inside for the ladies. Shaggy haircut with bangs and minimal silver jewelry.

Besides, you cannot miss those shiny shoes. ‘Classic’ is the term.

black shimmer.


A vintage attire for a classic evening. The whole black thing with the perfect showcase of the lovely body. In addition, the design in the upper neck gives that chic look. And yes, the high hairdos are definitely the thing.

Low necklines and high jewelry.


Wearing a lot of necklaces was definitely in trend those days. Additionally, the side bun and the bright red lipstick. Deep neck show with a touch of other gloves. Strange, but definitely worth a try.

Looks super cool and bold in the picture.

large T-shirts and high waist shorts.


The time when large T-shirts and high waist shorts were so in trend. Well, it still in fashion though. However, the dressing style has evolved over the years.

Floral frocks.


Full sleeved floral frocks with the skirt length below the knees. And, the exciting design of polka dots made in the neck region is definitely a thing. Moreover, the sleeves have an elastic thing that gives it a baggy structure. Very vintage.

Jeans Rompers.


The most prominent ’80s fashion. And few of those styles that are still in trend. The baggy jeans rompers. In addition, the rompers are styled with collar T-shirts. Furthermore, the short wavy hair with bangs added to the classic touch.

Hair bows, colorful long skirts, and boots.


Large hair bow, red lipstick, long colorful skirts with big fleeces, and those vibrant colored boots. Oh yes, you cannot miss the belt. Of course, this look is extremely vibrant and rich.

The polka doll.


The short polka dot dress with a belt for the girl. And the white framed round sunglasses. Furthermore, the half net gloves were the trend back then.

Big bun and hoop earrings.


The big front bun with the hoop earrings was the ’80s fashion. Moreover, the big crop shirt was also a thing back then.

Bangs and Floral coats.


Everything said and done, colors were the attitude and the style in those days. Wearing vibrant colors was the idea. In the picture, the lady wears a bright multicolored floral coat. This itself makes a statement. Furthermore, the coral-colored pant summates the style.

And the bangs literally tally everything.

leather shoes and Knee-length jeans.


The rock T-shirt with knee-length shorts with belts. Additionally, the ankle-length leather boots add to the rock chic look. Furthermore, the short hair with bangs summates the look altogether.

Dark lipsticks and high neck tops.


Dark lipsticks were so into the trend and so were the high neck tops. Likewise, the jeans shirt was another craze back then.

Shiny tops and block heels.


All black theme and the shiny shimmery top to go with it. Again, a light-colored block heel was also so much into fashion. not only does it look stylish, but also it looks amazingly comfortable. Fashion with comfort, how cool is that?

high tie and booty shorts.

Get a high tie and wear a loose pullover. Additionally, get into booty shorts and there you go! Make sure to clothe oneself in bright colors. Super elegant and fierce.

One button jacket and a skirt.

Another super classy look. One buttoned bright floral jacket and different colored skirt to go with it. Get the hair side-parted and that’s about it.

The white with a tint of black.


One thing about ’80s fashion is that the tops had a flabby design. With this, the arms looked big and the waist looked small. This made the girl’s body look super good. Similarly to the above picture, the girl has the said top and to go with it is a skinny pencil skirt. The look shows a nice structure to the female body. Moreover, the short hair is cheery on top of the cake.

Leather jacket with anything and everything.


The leather jacket was the thing. It styled with literally anything. Here, it is designed with an above-knee dress of a dark color. And to go with is the high hair tie which clearly shows the big silver earrings. Very elegant look.

The ’80s workout.


As a matter of fact, the ’80s workout look looks super provocative. The net thing acts as a base and the purple things act as a statement. Altogether, a promising fashion.

The whole white.

fashionA silver top with net embroidery. Big flowers for the head and clean bun. Additionally, a long bell-shaped skirt to go with it. And similarly, a piece of nice beaded jewelry acting as a statement.

dark Sheer clean hair.


Whenever we think about the fashion in the ’80s, a very consistent thing that comes to my mind is sheer dark hair. Shoulder length and middle-parted. Additionally, the straight style hair cut makes the hair look very dense and weighty. Furthermore, a light-colored lipstick makes the facial features look very prominent.

fuzzy brown hair and light makeup.


Such a deep, intense look this is. Look at that gorgeous brown curls and that delicate, graceful makeup. Well, I must say, this looks way better than what we do today.

loose dress and pumps.


Crystal earrings, gleaming dresses, and that lustrous smile. That was all about ’80s fashion. And, they say, “The most beautiful thing a girl can wear is her confidence.” I can swear by this statement.

dark-colored short dresses.


Dark short dresses were a thing back then. Some would wear it with stockings as well. And yes, do you notice how the picture has been clicked? Pretty girls stand up in a line and look in the same direction. I am pretty sure that you must have pictures like these in some of your parent’s old albums.

set cropped jackets and skirts with sneakers.


Another familiar style this one is. Short skirts with sneakers. However, the mini coat and the skirt look like a set though. The picture looks like it is a click for a shoot for some magazine cover.

The sleeveless woolen top.


Wollen literally never gets out of fashion. The soft, stretchy, and full of air, the woolen garment is light to wear and super comfortable.

Barbie doll.


A glimmery look of a pretty girl. One of the most prominent features of the ’80s fashion is that it had a lot of light colors. The picture shows a girl who looks barbie like in that attire. A soft glam look with equally sheen hair. Additionally, the eye makeup makes the whole look very delicate and smooth.

sunglasses mufflers and long coats.


The professional ’80s look. Black and white segmented attire with some nice shades. The look as a whole gives a very qualified and competent vibe.

beach vibes.


I guess some things never change. The beach look is somewhat similar in every fashion era. The varieties of beachwear for female and male is presented above.

the satin black attire.


All black attire with shiny jewelry. The dress is satin which gives that polished look to the whole expression. Furthermore, the clean sleek black hair with a big lace hairband adds the finishing touch to the look. Moreover, the appearance altogether portrays a strong demeanor.



Another woolen fashion. This look has a tint of light color and a dark one. Additionally, the basket adds to the look. Furthermore, you must have noticed that when a woolen attire is carried, you generally have a light-colored hair dye. So basically the look gives a nice mild instinct. Altogether this looks very pretty.

Nets and stones.


A damn bold look to have. The hair, the dress, and the jewelry, all together give a very audacious and brave assertion. The net blouse with the stone designs looks very sensual. Also, the golden dyed hair is something very confident to carry off. The wide neck show, the bold makeup, and that lively vivid earrings manifest the whole fashion.


The sexy look. The lady has worn a net dress-set that looks very sensual. The wavy hair and the makeup are just right. Furthermore, the achromatic look as a whole looks super enticing and flirtatious.

Floppy hats and off-shoulder dresses.

This look gives an automatic vibe of the dignified lady. Somewhat a very noble and an elevated announcement to make. I guess the floppy hats have their own pasts which make them give such a remark of an imperial fashion. The off-shoulder dress and that net gloves are just something else.

crop tees and jeans rompers.

The ’80s teenager vibe. Crops colorful T-shirts and jeans rompers to go with it. Additionally, the long brown hair and the basic makeup give you that vibe of the teenage trend. Add a broad bracelet to go with it.

The dark oversized coat, jeans, and white shoes.


Shoulder length hair with curls and a bright face. An oversized coat with mum jeans and a pair of white shoes. I believe it takes a bright aura to carry off this style very elegantly, just like the girl in the picture.

The elegance.


Just look at the girl. The look is very elegant. All white attire with the brown shades to go with it. Furthermore, the shiny golden hair summates to the class statement. To add to the look you can style it with a small earring.

Bright bold and big.


Big coats, hefty earrings, and dense hairstyles. The hairstyle has small curls which make the hair look very substantial. Additionally, the makeup is very prominent. You can see the yellow and blue eye shadow and those bright lipsticks. Furthermore, the nail paint designs add to the look. And, the finger rings too. I personally feel that you need some really good guts to carry off this look perfectly.



The look is most suitable for weddings. Long fluffy white gowns and a big bun. A piece of nice diamond jewelry goes just perfect for the entire outfit.

short hair, big shirts, and rompers.


The tomboy look. Short hair cut, large oversized shirts, and cotton rompers to go with it. Very decent and cool look to step in.

Slim gowns.

The prom nights look in the ’80s. Slim gowns and a neatly made bun. It is paired with lovely kitten heels. And very minimal jewelry to go with it. Just simple and flawless.

Big bright curls and shimmery dresses.

Shimmery short dress was so in trend those days. Likewise, big bright curls that would make the hair look very hefty and dense. Furthermore, when the dress is one-shouldered, it makes the style look very posh. Additionally, the face looks very prominent with such fashion etiquette.

sweaters, skirts, mufflers, and stockings.

The winter fashion look of the ’80s. Oversized woolen sweaters and cashmere skirts. Similarly, you can style it with warm stockings and mufflers. The hairstyle matches with the attire. I mean, big curls that look warm and cozy. Makeup is faint and glowy. Just the perfect fashion for the chills.

The sweet rock chic.

I mean, doesn’t she look damn good. So authentic. That coffee brown hair with a pink scarf. Long shirt with high waist jeans, styled with a crop sleeveless jacket. Additionally, she has done a  gentle makeup, especially focusing on her eyes. The look as a whole complements the features of the lady.

sleek full sleeves and long necklaces.

Glossy fabrics were the thing, you see. Additionally, the full sleeves are fluffy and not slim. Furthermore, there was this fondness for long necklaces. And of course, how good do they look with whole attire. And just a simple makeup to go with it.

Ebony tube gown and diamonds.

A classic beauty this is. Elegant black tube gown with diamond jewelry set. Hair is styled very neat and the hair color is just perfect with the attire. Furthermore, this particular fashion gives you a bold demeanor.

Striped suit and glossy hairstyle.

A perfect professional look for the lady. A set of short striped coat and high waist skirt. Very minimal jewelry and a small bag to go with it. Furthermore, the hair is shiny light brown, and is straight. Goes very well with the dress and it makes the look very classy altogether.

short off-shoulder dress with some net assertions.

The party chic fashion. Short black dress with a touch of net embroidery. The dark glasses adds a bold statement to the look. Additionally, the dark curly hair closes the whole appearance with a touch of smartness and a forceful, eye-catching personality.

The dark mess.

A dark tube glossy dress and big bright dense hair. A bold presentation to your attitude. You could add a black stocking to your attire. Additionally, the look is completed with high heels. Altogether a very classy chic fashion.

Leopard print and check trousers and dam boots.

Another very audacious attire to try on. The look comprises of a loose sleeveless t-shirt and a leopard print outer with it. To complete the look, a checked pant is worn. Additionally, the look is completed with a dam boot. Of course, this fashion is very outrageous and gives a look of boldness to the one wearing it. However, one has to have the backbone to wear these pieces of stuff.

The basic tees and pants.

Extremely basic and equally comfortable attire of any ‘era’. I dare say. T-shirt and pant is the most convenient attire. It can literally be styled any way you please. I mean, with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, you can look stylish, cool, classy, and cozy. For example, you wear jeans and a T-shirt with a pair of sneakers, and you look. Pair it with a stiletto and you look classy. Wear a close shoe with it and you look just perfect for a casual day.

In the given picture, she has worn red block heels and she is looking just ideal for a casual sunny day. She has styled herself with a high tied bun. Furthermore, her silver hair adds to the serene look.


I have tried to explain a few of the looks of the ’80s. Since we had not been there, it is just about explaining what is seen in the pictures.

Well, here are a few more fashion ideas of the ’80s. You can have a look and can try for yourself if you wish to.

CT6AC4 College couple on campus from the 1980’s
Suzanne Somers entertains the crew aboard the aircraft carrier USS RANGER (CV-61).

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