“There really is no such thing as bad hair. It’s just that people haven’t found the right hairstylist. ”

Shoulder length hair depicts a lot of things. It means that you can pull off literally anything. You like variations and modifications. In addition, it interprets that you are a confident girl. You are willing to experiment and rock the aftermath.

Here are new and popular shoulder hair length hairstyles, I bet you will be enticed to try.

Mid Length Fringes.hair

A normal regular hair is boring. You could better get feathery mid-length hair and maybe have a nice dye. Make sure to give some extra texture and layers. You’ll rock it like anything.

Natural Curls And Steps.


Another lively cut to have. Goes very well for the thick hair. Have unidentical layers a get highlights on a few strands. Looks absolutely lovely.

Bouncy Bands.

Very slight layers with an intense shade. The finest way to look decent and classy at the same time. Goes perfectly for the professionals.

Dark Messy Lob.hair

“Girl, let your hair do the talking.” This one goes perfectly for the thin hair. Dark tint with a modest trim. Complete it with a messy wave. You are ready to rock any outfit now.

Shags And The Highlights.


Scant shags and nominal highlights. To get the breezy and the cheerful look.

The Straight Bob With Highlights.


The basic but very flattering one. Especially a good alternative if you have straight hair. The short smooth bob with fine highlights would do good.

Light Shaggy Brown.

The shoulder-length hair with a slightly shaggy feature and a little wavy feels in the front. The neat look is very stylish and gives you the feel of the nineties.

Light Ash Curls.

Looks especially good with the thick hair. The ash dye and the deep bulky curls add to the texture and the volume.

Even Brown Slender Waves.

Cut the hair even to the shoulder length and get a nice light brown color. These hairstyles look very rich and have a royal essence.

Soft Angled Bob.


A very feminine look for the silky hair. Asymmetrical cut with a touch of blonde. And I must say that this kind of hairstyle gives an angle of, a girl with a bold attitude. And why not, life is too short to have boring hair.

Golden Blonde Layers.

If you like your hair rough and frizzy, then this one is a go-to hairstyle. The hair is cut symmetrical and has low twirls.

Thin Layers.


It could be that you do not like big curls and stubborn locks. Therefore, in such a case, you can go for thin layers of hair that give you a slight contort. Moreover, you can add a tint of faded golden to it.

Neat Blonde Shag.


Blonde shag for the shoulder length just goes too classy. Likewise, you can always go for an ombre.

“Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off.”

The Three-layered U Shaped.


To get a decent look with a lot of elegance, you can always go for this one. The clean golden brown tint with three layers cut and you are good to go.

Medium Lengthed Silver Bedhead.


The purposely clean hairstyle with silver pigment. Medium length and straight. That’s about it.

And, “Flip your hair just like you don’t care.”

Extra Voluminous and Colorful Lob.

The variance in tints and the messy waves. Additionally, the highlights add to the touch and give it an extra appeal.

The Hair Alteration.


This one has a higher portion of straight and a small portion of miniature crimp. New trend to give that rock look in your getup.

Coarse Style.


The fuzzy, harsh cut with a blend of contorting. Careless, disheveled look for the bold and the convinced one.

Ombre With Bangs.


The most preferred Asian look, I would say. Moreover, it looks very proper and fearless. Especially with the bangs.

Ash Gray With Wispy Layers.


For soft hair, this hairstyle looks super cool. The ash gray dye with slight layers and an ombre look to go with it.

Feminine Angled Bob.


“Give a girl a new hairstyle and she will conquer the world.”

The soft feminine hairstyle for her. The cut looks simple angled cut, however, it gives a good amount of attitude to the peek.

Low Waves For The Shoulder Length.

Modest waves with a touch of ombre. Looks very decent and neat. An awesome way to make your simple shoulder-length hair from bland to blam.

Soft Blonde Beachy Waves.


Full-on waves with a touch of blonde and the side part. You are on your way to a sensational pattern. Very feminine look.

Blonde Hair With Thick Layers.

Less volume and lighter shade as you go down. Light folds and asymmetrical cut for a messy form.

Wavy Feathers.


Shades of gold and steady waves. Furthermore, the feathery texture in the tip of the hair is the major.

Coffee Brown Grimy Look.


The coffee brown hair with the fringes in the tip. Looks voluminous and exquisite.

Thick Beachy Waves.


Graceful wavy texture with a tint of brown shade. Portrays a lively spirit of a girl. Furthermore, it very looks very stunning with any outfit.

Two-step Layers.


The perfectly feathered medium haircut. Low step curls with a little highlight and that’s about it. Looks very professional and winning at the same time.

Shiny Golden Blonde.


The sleek golden blonde for the lady. Very neat and absolutely classy. And of course, with this style, the hair looks very stunning.

Soft Blonde Feathers.


This particular hairstyle makes your hair look super soft. Also, the creamy dye adds to the silkiness. And the tender messiness gives you that soothing personality.

The Ash Blonde.


Medium curls with the ash-blonde dye. Moreover, the unseemly hair enumerates the charm of the hairstyle.

Equally Cut With The Blonde Enliven.


The Jennifer Aniston hair I would say. The hair is cut evenly and has a tint of blonde in it. The cut seems plain and simple, however, it looks super classy and elegant.

Waves And The Fringes.


The blonde shades for the shoulder-length hair and the touch of low curls and fringes. Looks fluffy and feathery.

Soft Feathers And Highlights.


This hairstyle particularly looks very soft and furry. Similarly, the light texture summates the comfiness of the design.

Shades Of Ash.


The one-layered cut and dyed with the silver tint. Equally trendy and fashionable.

Highlight Beachy Waves.


The beachy waves with a lot of highlights fix the style. Furthermore, it is so much into fashion and especially goes very well for thick hair.

Angled Pixie Cut.


Pixie cut with a tint of the highlight is the new one. Style this one with a deep side part and damn you look gorgeous.

Dark Ash Blonde.


The feathery deep-dyed hairstyle. Very thin steps for the hair and you are all good to go.

Shaggy Blonde Waves.


The lob and the shag both in a hairstyle. Keep the part in the center. The sloppy cut will give that carefree look.

Bouncy Layers.

Get those bouncy layers for your thick hair and get petty highlights on a few strands. Two steps in the lower base would do. Together with the specs, you would look like a lovely geeky woman.

Medium Length Straight Hairdo.


I personally find this one very classy and elegant. Just plain and simple. Straight hair, medium length, and a dark dye on it.

“Your hair is your best accessory.”

Angled Cut With Highlights.


For the girls who wish to have that rock chic look, you have to try this one. Angled bob with side part and plenty of gold highlights. Of course, your hair is the reflection of your soul, it better portray what you truly believe.”

Medium Shag And Dark Dye.

Dark hair is literally the key if I must say. It symbolizes strength and boldness. Get a little curl here and there and rock your lovely strands.

Golden Steps And Bounces.


The mid-length hair with a rough three steps and highlights. Furthermore, it adds to that bounciness and the contrast of the hairstyle.

Slim Waves With Highlights.


Sometimes you just feel like having less volume to your hair and lead an effortless life. And additionally, light hair is so undemanding and manageable. Keep it light and simple. However, you can opt for a few highlights and just let it be.

Fuzzy Blonde.


The middle parting messily cut the blonde hairstyle. Furthermore, the waves have added so much grace and liveliness to the hair.

Well, they say, ” love is in the hair.”

Dark Loops.


How sensational does she look! So bold and so much lively. However, they say, you have to be specifically manageable with the curls. Moreover, the job to keep the hair frisky is another task. However, we all know that nothing good comes easy.

And, as Joan Bennet has clearly stated, “I turned my hair dark and received much better parts ever since.”

Ash-blonde For Thick Hair.


For the dense haired girls, this one can be another go-to hairstyle. Keep the hair fuzzy with a lot of bright waves and get highlights done. The hair looks bouncy and the whole look gives a very buoyant feel.

Medium Length Ash Gray With Waves.


The color ash gray is just so vibrant and lovely. And the dye adds to the life of the hair. Furthermore, the cheerful curls have their own lively mood.

“The woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

And of course, you cut your hair and your look automatically changes. So basically it is the hair that does the thing.

Silver Shades And Fuzz.


The shades of silver and the feather cut. And, the little bounces look very spirited. Moreover, it gives the girl a look of convinced and self-assured. Altogether, the feel of an upbeat personality.

Faded Golden Ringlets.


The dim golden shades and a plentiful of messy lobs. The hair is medium length and the cut gives it a feather-like feature. Again, another bold look to give it a try.

Neat Curls With Highlights.


Side parted neat curls with a tint of highlight. Looks very clean and elegant. And, the hairstyle makes the face look prominent.

“Life cannot be perfect, but your hair can be.”

Medium Length Coiled Brown Hair.


The lovely dark brown curls are such a beauty to the eyes. So pure and refreshing. Especially the dark brown dye has done full justice to the hairstyle. It has enumerated the beauty and the poise of the girl.

“People will stare, make it worth their watch.”

Angled Bob With Highlights.


This is another bold statement for a lady. Styling your strands with an angular bob and getting a proper highlight. And, you are on your way to boss out the world.

Golden Shades And Waves.


The bright hair looks so good. The shiny highlights on the mid-length hair and the cheerful curls totes up the elegance and the grace of the lady. Furthermore, the color golden gives you that entertaining feels.

“Good hair day makes you feel like you can rule the world.”

Angled Golden Tint And Loops.


The angled loops for your strands. Additionally, the tint of faded golden and the touch of irregular cut is what adds to this hairstyle.

Sheer Elegant Bob With Bangs.


Another basic yet trendy feels for your strands. Straight shoulder-length cut with bangs. Especially it is opted by the Asian girls. A very honest and straightforward look to try.

Blue Colored, Blonde Center-parted With Waves.


For the cute teenage feels, you can always try this one. Lovely blue hue with blonde dye and center-parted. The look has slight waves of strands and that whole thing gives a frank attitude to the face.

Dark Brown Inconsistent Cut With Bangs.


Another classic beauty. Looks super cute. As a matter of fact, the dark brown hue with the inconsistent cut has done its charm. This look looks very flattering.

“Shake dreams from your hair.”

Blonde Dye For Dense Strands.



The look of a confident bold girl. The dense hair is dyed blonde and the cut makes the strands very bouncy and full of life.

“Happiness is untamable, free-flowing hair.”

Mid-length Layered Messy Feels.


Another messy feels for a girl. Rough cut with a lot of layers and the tints of highlights. Keep it the side part and have some shags. That’s about it.

“Without all those blonde moments, life would be so dull.”

Faded Golden And Minimal Twirls.


The decent lady feels. A light wave and a dull decent hue. And, the length of the hair is to the shoulder.


These were a few descriptions of the hairstyles given above. Here are a few more for your choices.


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