Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. The freedom to fly and soar high is what we humans love and desire about the birds. Birds are the living proof that we should have belief in our internal strength and we can always aspire to rise.

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life.” RUMI

Various bird tattoos have various significances. We will discuss a few bird tattoo ideas and their understandings.

A soaring eagle.


An eagle tattoo often means power and dominance. Additionally, it also means that you are focused and determined in what you do. Furthermore, the tattoo looks so bold that it automatically gives a heroic image to the person getting the art. Such an audacious piece of art this one is.

A cute bluebird.


A cute blue-colored bird on the hand looks very calm and composed. Furthermore, the bird seems to be very focused on a certain destination. A very keep and undisturbed image of the bird is another lovely tattoo idea.

The American Goldfinch.


A Goldfinch signifies abundance and prosperity. It is believed to be the bird that brings luck and joy to your life. When you get a tattoo of a goldfinch, you are supposedly carrying the luck and positivity with you. However, the areas above the knee are one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo on. Therefore the idea of getting the bird tattoo in the area is a resolute decision to make.

Variant colors and feathers.


This art symbolizes the idea of freedom. The power and the privilege to be bright as much as you want and have all the colors life can offer. Moreover, the long feathers indicate the relationship between the physical human body and your doings. What I mean to say is, what you do, what you think, directly affects your being. No matter how far you wander, you cannot get away from yourself. Furthermore, the tattoo is made on the sides of the abdomen which is actually a very painful area to get a tattoo on. Now this means that the person believes in the intensity of her thoughts and that how it affects your entire existence.

Tints of vibrant colors.


A bluebird is a symbol of peace and happiness. Furthermore, the colors here, the pink tint symbolizes unconditional love. Similarly, the blue color symbolizes peace. And green is the color of nature. It often means existence and health. Additionally, the color grey is the color of balance and neutrality.

Parrots and a lily.




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