The harmonious Libra dwells all about the balance in life. The seventh astrological sign in the zodiac, a Libra is symbolized by balance scales. The air sign of the zodiac, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.

Tattoos are art that is decorated in the human body. People tattoo what they believe. The Libra tattoo we are talking about is all about balance and stability. Here we are going to discuss some familiar Libra Tattoos.

Growth and balance.


The life it is. The perfect assimilation of monochrome and colors. Just like a flower, life blooms with a lot of love, patience, calmness, difficulties, and responsibilities. Getting a tattoo of a flower pot is just what a life is all about.

The scales.

The perfect tattoo to symbolize a true Libran. The arrow depicts that they always move forward and the scales say that they always have a balance in everything they do. Librans believe in harmony. Yet, they are one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac.

A Glyph.

The Glyph is a non-living symbol that is designed to depict the scales. Libras find their existence when they find their true partnership. The glyph has two parallel lines, and the top line is arched. The arch represents the development of an individual. When a Libra finds their true mate, they grow tremendously. Mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and in every way the life has to offer.

Libra traits.

All that a Libra is, is in this tattoo. The long arrow forward depicts that a Libran always moves forward no matter what. And the glyph represents the scales. The scales to be in harmony and in balance. And it also depicts that the Librans grow tremendously when they find true companionship.


It is all about balance. However, getting a tattoo at the back represents so much more than just an art. The tattoo at the back gives the impression that a person is somewhat mysterious. Yet, they cheer out loud what they want to convey through the ink.


“Libras don’t lose it, they keep the cool even in the chaos.” Always in the state of equilibrium, a Libra always have two sides to everything. And hence, they always learn things from different perspectives. They never choose a person or a point whilst in a judgement. A Libra is always in a state of evenness.

heart and brain together.

A most common problem that happens with a human is that, either they make a decision with just their heart or just their brain. However, with Libra, this thing differs. A Libran is all about balancing their heart and brain into making a decision. Just like the tattoo above, a Libra will always weigh their heart and brain equally. That means choices are made on the basis of intellect and fair emotions.

balance and a lot of colors.

Libran’s life is full of colors. And, not to forget, it has a hue of harmony and equity as well. Furthermore, Libra always has evenness in their lives. And mind you, this does not mean that a Libra has a boring life. It just means that they have a life of harmony and peace. Also, with a lot of excitement and colors.


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